Democrats Make Shocking Discovery

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

There were not expecting this.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has told reporters that Democrats would not have the necessary votes to pass a bill ensuring abortion access as President Joe Biden has called. 

Earlier in the day, Biden also stated that if Roe v. Wade was to be overturned, voters should try to vote for lawmakers who will protect abortion rights. He has also urged Congress to pass a bill that he can sign into law. 

“I think it’s important to note that there has been a vote on this, and it failed,” Psaki said. “It did not have even 50 votes, which means even if the filibuster were overturned, there would not have been enough votes to get this passed.”

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“This is one of many topics he discusses with lawmakers. I would note, again, that [Senate Majority] Leader [Chuck] Schumer indicated he plans to bring it up again,” she added. “But in the president’s statement, just to reiterate, what he pointed to is the fact that there needs to be more pro-choice officials after the elections in November.”

She did not assess whether the President would be able to turn in more lawmakers to pass a bill before the midterm elections in November. 

“It is unprecedented, or almost unprecedented depending on what historian you speak to. There’s no question that that raises eyebrows for many in the country, including those of us in the White House,” she continued. “But what our focus is on right now beyond the leak is how we’re going to protect a woman’s right to make choices about her healthcare with her doctor, a right that is supported by the vast majority of the American public, and some call it a political issue. It is not. It is supported by the majority of the American public.”


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