Biden Hits Rock Bottom

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

This is very bad news for Joe.

President Biden’s approval rates this week have dropped to 40 percent according to the Reuters-Ipsos poll. This is an all-time low according to that survey.

The survey also showed that the President’s disapproval rates had reached 54 percent disapproval because of the high inflation and the tension caused by the war on Ukraine.

This survey showed a 3-point drop since the previous week. The president’s approval rates have been steadily declining since mid-August when the COVID-19 mortality rates increased and the U.S. withdrew chaotically from Afghanistan.

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The survey also showed that for most Americans the economy is the top priority, and Ukraine is second in line.

If those results are broken down by party, then for the Democratic voters 77 percent would approve of Biden’s work, for Republican voters, only 10 percent would approve and 27 percent of independent voters approve of Biden’s so far work.

Biden’s low approval rates are nothing new, in fact, they are similar to the ones former President Trump had at a similar time during his presidency.

In March of his second year in office Trump had 40 percent approval rates while in December of 2017 he had 33 percent.

As November’s midterm elections are approaching these surveys are causing concerns among the Democrats.


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