Democrats are desperate as they confront 2022 prospects


The Democratic party leaders are scrambling this week as they continue to lower their midterm election expectations.


Interviews with more than two dozen state party chairs, executive directors, and strategists suggest party officials are reframing the 2022 election as a “defensive effort,” with success defined as maintaining the Democratic Senate majority and holding back a Republican tide the House. 

“Success looks like we hold the Senate, and we hold the House, or we narrowly lose it, so if Republicans take control, it’s a razor-thin margin,” said Colmon Elridge, the chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

Colmon Elridge also stated, “I would hope the Republican margin in the House is less than 20.” 

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At the Charleston Marriott, where Democrats met for training, presentations, and receptions, one state party chair called the midterm prospects “awful.” Another state party chair said, “I don’t see why we keep the House.” and one strategist said, “If we’re in the 10 to 20 {Loos of house seats} range, that will be better than we thought.”


Sadly, it did not stop there with Ped Schaffer, vice-chair of the Democratic Party in New Jersey whose Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, just barely won the reelection this year, said, “I’m scared, we need to get the vote out, and in the midterms, it’s hard.”

The Democratic party seems to be more concerned with the party exchange and pushing their agenda than helping the American people. 

The Democrats are staring into a midterm deathmatch, with their backs to the corner. Inflation is soaring, and many Americans are anxious about the economy, freedom, and future. Added with the decreasing approval rating of both Biden and Kamala Harris – a metric closely tied to a party’s performance in the midterms – at the low 40s, and generic ballot tests pitting unnamed Republicans against unnamed Democrats have swung in the GOP’s favor.

The Democrats will also have to look to fight off the data being reported about Covid-19, with reports showing it is still killing more than 1000 Americans a day, and the virus’ Omicron strain is spreading so rapidly that Democrats are bracing for a spike in cases to start the new year. 

A statistic that waves in the face of the Democratic party and Joe Biden, as both stating they will bring an end to the outbreak.

Karl Sandstorm, a campaign finance lawyer working with the Democrats, stated, “Omicron is going to lead to a surge in January, which is undoubtedly going to depress people.”

Publicly, Democrats are still projecting confidence to maintain the House in 2022. And they may. Although, with the rise of so many external factors, more and more Americans see just how bad the Democratic party is running their cities, with increasing crime rates and Covid. It is looking like a GOP take-over for the House in 2022.

The only possibility for confident stability of the House will be if the Omicron variant stabilizes and the hyper-inflation is brought under control by mid-2022. Two highly unlikely things.


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