Jen Psaki Vows to Stop the Flow of Misinformation…She Wouldn’t Know the Truth if It Bit Her on Her Red-Haired Behind


    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki thinks anyone who creates a post contrary to what she has said should be permanently banned from all 200 worldwide social media platforms. They are guilty of spreading dangerous “misinformation.”

    With a straight face, Psaki said in a White House press briefing, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation.” She challenged Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg to “measure and publicly share the impact of misinformation on their platform.”

    Misinformation according to who? Her? Psaki is the queen of misinformation and she’s been repeatedly busted for it. Prior to holding her current position Psaki was a loud-fingered keyboard warrior on Twitter. She’d pounce on tidbits of unsubstantiated information like they were the canonized gospel according to Jen, and she was proven wrong time and again.

    In October 2020 when the New York Times uncovered a series of emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Psaki was quick to jump to her future boss Joe’s defense. She ran with Politico’s cockamamy story about a letter that never materialized. The non-existent letter, supposedly signed by 50 ex-senior intelligence officers with undisclosed names, claimed this farce had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

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    The emails implicated Pappa Joe in his shady overseas dealings with a host of other shady people in positioning his son Hunter in just the right spot to be of major benefit to him. Politico never produced the letter or any other evidence to back up its claim, and even Hunter himself claimed ownership of the emails. He said he’s been under investigation since 2018 for his sketchy dealings with China and Ukraine in which his dad was clearly in the picture. None of the letters 50 signers ever stepped forward.

    Psaki prematurely hopped between the sheets with the now disproved tale of Russia putting a price on American soldier’s heads in Afghanistan. The misinformation was claimed to have been obtained from an intelligence report that never materialized and was later debunked.

    Even when U.S. officials said they had only “low to moderate confidence” that the story carried weight, it didn’t stop Psaki from promoting the lie. She latched on to the fictitious story all the way through the 2020 campaign. “yes–bounties on the head of American soldiers–it is insane,” she wrote on Twitter.

    Her following tweet said, “taking a moment to re-up the fact that Donald Trump knew about Russia offering bounties to Taliban to take out US troops in Afghanistan and still defends Putin. his undervaluing contribution of US troops, not just horrific-but also dangerous.”

    Next came the nauseating rumor of then-President Donald Trump calling veterans “suckers and losers.” When Trump canceled his attendance at a ceremony in France to honor America’s war dead who are buried there, the poo hit the fan.

    The two sources who claimed to have heard Trump make the calloused statement had been, of course, anonymous. A document obtained later from the Navy blamed the bad weather as the reason for canceling the event. Trump had nothing to do with it and he certainly did not disrespect America’s veterans.

    Even Trump foe John Bolton recently said that if Trump making the bogus statement had been true he would have dedicated an entire chapter to it in his book. But it was a fake rumor spread by people like Psaki.

    Psaki rocked the cradle of collusion. She didn’t care what Mueller had or didn’t have to say. She was clearly hitting the sauce when she unleashed the following tweet. “Democrats don’t lose the high ground because a passionate freshman member used the F word. Who cares. We lose it if we also colluded with Russia if we also are paid off porn stars if we also obstructed justice. We didn’t.”

    Another tweet read, “You don’t agree to meet with a Russian lawyer who promises dirt about your political opponent unless you are probably willing to collude.” Your?

    This is who is now on a campaign to halt the dissemination of misinformation. Gotcha…


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